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Temple of Shar, part 2
Session 2

Session Date: 4/11/2016
In-Game Date: Myrtul 7

The party had barricaded two shambling zombies behind a heavy door, which gave them enough time to regroup and take a brief rest. Finally they arranged themselves into a good position and opened the door, giving themselves a tactical advantage on the unintelligent zombies and easily defeating them. With that done, they headed back to explore the western corridor.

Listening at the door of the first room they found, they heard the shuffling of feet and some growling noises which sounded like dogs. When they opened the door, they were faced with two angry wargs! Norko decided to try and pacify them by throwing them some of the beef jerky he’d brought on the trip. They considered it, then nodded and let the party pass without a fight.

The next room the party found was clearly some kind of temple, with pews and a tall obsidian statue of Shar. Valus made to smash that one as well, but discovered it was protected by some kind of magical barrier that they couldn’t penetrate. There was one door out of the hall of worship, and listening at it revealed the sounds of a large number of goblins laughing, drinking, and eating. Everyone carefully arranged themselves, hiding under pews and around corners, as Vorn ran up, opened the door, and ran away to lead the goblins towards the rest of the party.

It was a tough fight to kill eight goblins, but they were able to manage it with the benefits of their tactics.

Temple of Shar, part 1
Session 1

The Party:

  • Eirika Yufila, Moon Elf Wizard
  • Norko Brawnanvil, Mountain Dwarf Barbarian
  • Immith Helder, Human Warlock (Great Old One pact)
  • Vorn, Human Rogue
  • Valus Frost, Wood Elf Cleric (Life domain)

Date: April 4, 2016
In-Game Date: Mirtul 6-7

Traveling on the Long Road up towards Triboar, the party reached the tiny village of Welton, and received unfriendly greetings from its surly constable Frida. She was persuaded to let them in, and they took up rooms at the inn. Having heard rumors that the area was troubled by goblins, they asked around and were told to talk to Dawn Mistwalker, a local trapper.

Meeting with Dawn at the butcher’s shop, she told them she’d discovered what she believed was the goblin’s hideout, and led them through the woods. A few hours outside of town, they reached the area, a cave (clearly not of goblin make) built into the side of a hill. They decided to set up an ambush and try to lure a goblin or two out, using Norko as bait. The sound of a noisily yelling dwarf successfully drew out the single goblin guard, who was easily knocked out by all of the party when they surprised him from the forest.

Interrogating the captured goblin, they discovered that his name was Pox and that he unfortunately barely spoke Common. They managed to get across some simple questions and he told them that there were eleven other goblins inside the cave. Once they’d learned what they needed to know, Norko simply killed him with one swing of his warhammer. Dawn was unwilling to enter the cave, so she stood watch outside while the adventurers made their way inside.

The first chamber contained two statues of Shar, goddess of darkness. Recognizing the mortal enemy of his own patron goddess, Valus decided to smash them! It made a lot of noise, and the others were somewhat worried their presence would be discovered, but fortunately the walls of this abandoned temple were thick and little could be heard from other rooms.

The hallway branched in two directions, and the party chose to head to the east. The first room they came upon was a barracks, in which they surprised and killed two dozing goblins. Off that room was a short hallway leading to a door which had been locked and barred, with something written in goblin on the front. Shuffling noises could be heard from behind the door. So, obviously they opened it.

The room was clearly a former library, with shelves knocked down and books strewn about the floor, but it was occupied by a group of zombies! They took a stand to fight the zombies, but eventually several of them had been wounded quite badly and needed to recover. They fled back through the barracks room and Vorn, the last out, barricaded the door behind them.


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