FR adventures

Temple of Shar, part 2

Session 2

Session Date: 4/11/2016
In-Game Date: Myrtul 7

The party had barricaded two shambling zombies behind a heavy door, which gave them enough time to regroup and take a brief rest. Finally they arranged themselves into a good position and opened the door, giving themselves a tactical advantage on the unintelligent zombies and easily defeating them. With that done, they headed back to explore the western corridor.

Listening at the door of the first room they found, they heard the shuffling of feet and some growling noises which sounded like dogs. When they opened the door, they were faced with two angry wargs! Norko decided to try and pacify them by throwing them some of the beef jerky he’d brought on the trip. They considered it, then nodded and let the party pass without a fight.

The next room the party found was clearly some kind of temple, with pews and a tall obsidian statue of Shar. Valus made to smash that one as well, but discovered it was protected by some kind of magical barrier that they couldn’t penetrate. There was one door out of the hall of worship, and listening at it revealed the sounds of a large number of goblins laughing, drinking, and eating. Everyone carefully arranged themselves, hiding under pews and around corners, as Vorn ran up, opened the door, and ran away to lead the goblins towards the rest of the party.

It was a tough fight to kill eight goblins, but they were able to manage it with the benefits of their tactics.



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